Sample Problems for Praxis II® Math exam

Do you want to become a math teacher? Then you need to pass the Praxis or a similar state exam.

1. I teach college math. You don't pass math exams by simply memorizing formulas. You pass them by doing lots of problems.
2. Many study guides don't give lots of problems or test-taking strategies. I know the strategies because I took the exams myself.
3. I am selling 4 full sample exams of problems with solutions and explanations, at no price increase from last year: $19.95 for the high school, $19.97 for the middle school, or $34.95 for both.

Let me give you some free high school and middle school samples and some general exam-strategy advice.

Praxis is similar to individual state exams. Here are some remarks about these other state exams.
Need a textbook? I highly recommend the Schaum's series.
In most states you are allowed to use an online graphics calculator for these exams. My solutions provide specific calculator instructions.
The problems are online; I will email you the link after I receive payment. The problems are only available online.

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