I have reviewed the sample exams in each of the states that requires a different exam than the Praxis II Math exam. Other than California, these states' exams are very similar to Praxis II Math. The topics are virtually identical. The only significant differences I could find are that some states permit a scientific but not a graphing calculator, and some states have some essay (constructed response) questions. The following table refers to the high school exams:

State Calculator Essays? Exam Name Exam Numbers
Arizona TI 30 Yes Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessments 10 & 37
Colorado Graphing No Program for Licensing Assessments for Colorado Educators 04
Florida Scientific No Florida Teacher Certification Exam 026 & 025
Georgia Graphing Yes Georgia Assessments for Certification of Educators 22, 23 & 13
Illinois Graphing No Illinois Certification Testing System 115
Massachusetts TI 30 Yes Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure 09 & 47
Michigan Graphing No Michigan Test for Teacher Certification 22 & 89
New Mexico Graphing No New Mexico Teacher Assessments 14 & 24
New York Graphing Yes NY State Teacher Certification Examinations 004
Oklahoma Scientific Yes Oklahoma Subject Area Tests 011 & 025
Texas Graphing No Texas Examinations of Educator Standards 135 & 115
Washington Graphing No Washington Educator Skills Tests 26 & 12

Therefore, I believe my sample problems should be especially helpful in ten of the states. The California CSET exam includes three topics (Abstract Algebra, Number Theory, and History of Math) that my problems don't cover. Other than that, my problems will still be useful.

In some states the calculator requirements are different for the middle school exam, compared with the high school exam. Also, some states will supply the scientific or TI-30 calculator for you at the exam. Consult your individual state instructions for calculator use.

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